Zendaya might play "Maya Jasmine Miller," in Life Is.

Life Is... Cast (Still Pending: These are not Final; No Suing Wanted!)Edit

J.C. as “J.C.” and “Tyler”- Justin Courtney Brown, Tyler Cory Brown in Season Two. (Mr. Brown was Nervous), The Band’s Co-Lead Vocalist, Dancer, and Musician; He also sings solo; he and Miranda are cousins; Westford’s Outside Linebacker.

Demetria McKinney as "Tanya Brown," Season 1 Main, 2-6 Reccuring

Lance Gross as "James Brown," Season 1 main, 2-6 reccuring.

Cymphonique? as “Miranda Maya Jackson” Seasons 1-6. AntiGraviti’s Co-Lead Vocalist and Musician; she and JC are cousins; She is a Westford Cheerleader; She has her own Dance Show [Popular Parents; Dancin’ Is My Life]

as Brady, AntiGraviti's pianist, brother of Casy.

Trevor Jackson? as J.C.’s Older Brother, “James Junior Brown”, Season 1-6

? as AntiGraviti’s Songwriter, ‘Goody-Two-Shoe,’ A-Honor Roll, and Guitarist, “Miranda Smith”,

Ross Lynch as “Brian”, The Talented in vocals, the Piano, Saxophone and Dancer;

He later takes on filming, but decides he doesn’t like it;

Westford’s Quarterback.

He is AntiGraviti’s 3rd Co-Lead Vocalist.

Gets adopted by JC’s family in S01.

Main 2-6.

CoCo Jones as “Rachel Towanna Smith”(Sister of Miranda),

Ariana Grande as Jennifer Jamie Brown; AntiGraviti’s Pianist, 4th Co-Vocalist, and drummer, The eldest child of the Brown house hold; J.C.’s stepsister, Main Season 1, Leaves in Season 4

G. Hannelius as “Avery,” Season 1

As “Michael,” in Season Five

Jordin Sparks as Ashlynn James, J.C.’s Biological mother

Tyler Perry as Jackson James

Season 1 Main


Cymphonique Miller

Demetria McKinney

Lance Gross

Jordin Sparks

Tyler Perry

G. Hannelius

Ariana Grande

Trevor Jackson

Season 2-4 MainEdit


Ross Lynch


G. Hannelius

Ariana Grande- for the most part

Trevor Jackson

Coco Jones

Bella Thorne


Season 5-6 MainEdit


Ross Lynch


CoCo Jones

G. Hannelius


Trevor Jackson

Bella Thorne

Minor RolesEdit

CoCo Jones as “Rachel Towanna Smith” Season One

Bella Thorne as "Miranda Smith," Rachel's step-sister, Minor S01

Zendaya as “Jasmine" Minor for Season 1

Lance Gross as Mr. James Brown in Seasons 2-6

Demetria McKenny as Mrs. Tanya Brown in Seasons 2-6

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