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  • ==Season One (Summer 2016/Winter 2016)==
  • This season consists of 21 episodes
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U.S. viewers


1 1 "Life Is... A New Beginning" TBA J.C. June 3rd, 2016 101 TB.A[4]


Guest stars: Jordin Sparks as Ashlynn James, J.C.'s biological mother, Tyler Perry as Jackson James, his biological father.

Note: This is a one-hour event.

2 2 "Life Is... Flyin' to Fresno" Shelley Jensen John D. Beck & Ron Hart June 10th, 2016 104 4.1[5]

After living for the orphanage for 13 years, J.C. is jealous of everyone getting adopted. And with crazy Mr. Hart, it really can't get any worse! J.C. and his only buddy, Brian, also 13, are the only ones left in New York Home for Boys, or NYHB. This means Mr. Hart has more time to make them clean harder and have the most miserable life ever. But when a real couple comes to NYHB, J.C. and Brian brighten up. The only problem is, the couple can barely afford both. In the end, they pick J.C. Brian is happy for J.C., but J.C. feels really bad. J.C. goes to Fresno, but "will never forget Brian."

Guest stars: Demetria McKinney as "Tanya Brown," Lance Gross as "James Brown," Ross Lynch as "Brian," and Kevin Hart as "Mr. Hart"

Note: Mr. and Mrs. Brown first appear in this episode.

Songs Featured: "Cali" by J.C.

3 3 "Life Is... " Shelley Jensen J.C. June 17th, 2016 103 4.3[6]

J.C. is enjoying his stay in Fresno, wishes he and Brian could trade places (he lost a bet). The Browns say that if he wants Brian to be adopted by them, he'll have to scrape up enough money. As a sub-plot, Tanya gets a huge promotion on her job, giving her 750,000 dollars, 5 times what she used to have. But with freedom responsibility, and she ends up using all of her money. One month later, when she gets her next check, her paycheck has quadrupiled, giving her 30 million dollars. She buys a huge new house and a Ferrari. When J.C. asks her to help adopt Brian, she says she forgot and donated it all. When he asks for next month, she says that she's trying to adopt his real family and that that takes up a lot of money. He'll have to get a job to pay it off. J.C. does get a job at Chick-fil-A, but it's gonna take him a while to get the money to adopt Brian. As another sub-plot, J.C. begins attending WestFord.

J.C. doesn't want to get a job, and they end up breaking the PlayPlace and smashing a car and glass in the restaurant.

4 4 "Life Is... Two Sets of Parents? Shelley Jensen Eileen Conn June 24th, 2016 105 3.8[7]

J.C. meets his real parents.

Guest Stars: Tyler Perry, Jordin Sparks

5 5 "Life Is... Magical" Shelley Jensen Ron Zimmerman July 1st, 2016 107 4.3[8]

Tanya gives J.C. a box, and we later learn that J.C. is a wizard.

6 6 "Life Is.. Cocky" Shelley Jensen Rob Lotterstein July 8th, 2016 108 N/A

The Browns find out J.C. has two talents - breakdancing AND singing. One post on MyTunez earns J.C. a record deal and popularity. So this means ? he befriends his dream girl, Maya, seniors, and cheerleaders. The school uses him for endorsements, and he wins the talent show by a landslide. J.C. begins to get cocky and rude, and it's Tanya who brings him down to Earth. He still gets to keep the cheerleader, though...

Guest stars: Zendaya as Maya, CoCo Jones as Jena, as Brad, and as Mr. Cole Smith

Absent: Cymphonique as Miranda Jackson, Trevor Jackson as James Jackson, Ariana Grande as Jennifer, Lance Gross as James Brown,Tyler Perry as Jackson James, Jordin Sparks as Ashlynn James, and G. Hannelius as Avery.

Songs featured: "Cocky, Cocky," (see Shake, Santa, Shake) "This Is How You Live," by J.C.

7 7 "Life Is...Good" Shelley Jensen Jenny Lee July 15th, 2016 106 3.7[9]

J.C.'s new record deal is a lot of fun, but when his manager (Mr. Brown,) doesn't read the contract, Mr. Smith changes the song so it sounds nothing like the original. Mr. Brown switches the CDs, but is charged 5 million dollars. J.C. fires him from being his manager, but rehires him when he finds out they won't press charges. J.C. quits and gets another record deal, and this time, Mr. Brown does read the contract. As a sub-plot, Tanya adopts all of J.C.'s real family.

Absent:? Tyler Perry as Jackson James, and Jordin Sparks as Ashlynn James.

Songs featured: "This Is How You Live" By J.C.

Note: This episode is a continuation of "Life Is.. Cocky,"

8 8 "Life Is... Omygosh!" Shelley Jensen Chris Thompson July 22nd, 2016 102 N/A

Jennifer, James, and Avery are all psyched that J.C. is their brother, since they just found out J.C. is famous. J.C. is mad at Tanya for adopting "three wack-a-doodles" instead of Brian. Tanya says that it's because they're family, and it escalates from there. Jennifer and James and Avery are hurt, and they all leave to their new rooms. J.C. leaves, too.?

J.C. REALLY hates Avery since she's such a psycho about rules (even though she just moved in, there are 198 rules, and a sheet in case you forget). She says that she hates herself and is really sensitive, so J.C. leaves.

J.C. learns to like them all in the end.

Note: This episode is a continuation of "Life Is... Good,"

9 9 "Life Is... My First Gig" Joel Zwick Chris Thompson January 9, 2011 110 4.1[15]

J.C. gets his own gig.

10 10 "Life Is... Drivin', Drivin', Drivin', Part One" Joel Zwick Rob Lotterstein January 23, 2011 111 4.3[16]

J.C. gets his driver's liscense (with the help of some magic) and can drive freely now! But things really spiral out of control when him and Avery are in the car, together, yet alone.

And when he makes a wrong and misses Avery's Friend's house (where Avery has an important Student Council Meeting), they get into a huge argument about how annoying the other one is and how they always make mistakes. J.C. takes his eyes off the road, and...

11 11 "Life Is... Drivin', Drivin', Drivin', Part Two" Joel Zwick Eileen Conn February 20, 2011 112 4.0[17]

...they flip over. J.C. is a little shaken, but Avery won't wake up. When they don't pick up their phones, Tanya goes to check on them. When she doesn't take the way they did, she can't find them. She thinks they were kidnapped, and reports them missing. She gives them a description of Avery and J.C., and the officer tells her they're in the ICU at the hospital. When she gets there, she finds out J.C. is okay, but Avery is in critical condition. After a lot of surgery, Avery is okay after 3 months.? Avery wakes up, but when J.C. comes in, she shuts her eyes. He apologizes for yelling and arguing at her.

Note: This is a continuation of "Life Is... Drivin', Drivin', Drivin', Part One". J.C. has flashbacks to episodes like " Life Is...My First Gig," and "Life Is... Omygosh".

12 12 "Life Is... Home Sweet Home" Katy Garretson John D. Beck & Ron Hart February 27, 2011 109 3.7[18]

Avery's home!

13 13 "Life Is... Music Biz" Eric Dean Seaton Ron Zimmerman March 6, 2011 113 3.8[19]

J.C.'s first music video is a big sucess, dominating the school's top rock band of seniors, Black Blemish (With Maya in it, even though she's a freshmen, like J.C.). When Black Blemish hears about J.C.'s Music Video with the most popular pop names there are, they get mad. Maya thinks this is nonsense, leaves the band, and joins J.C.'s (imaginary) band, Within Security, and she seals it with a kiss. J.C. must find instruments, band members, and lots of other stuff in time for Maya's audition. J.C. finds Miranda, a geeky girl (which he makes over, and then finds attractive), Courtney (a trouble-maker), Casy (neutral), Brady (Courtney's brother, also a trouble-maker,) and Brett (a senior who quit Black Blemish). Together, they make Within Security a reality. But everything falls apart when the band doesn't get along, causing trouble, and getting into detention the day of Maya's audition. They get out just in time to see her come in. She is an exceptional singer, and she has joined Within Security. Things spiral out of control again when Miss Walters kicks them out of their 'band room' (aka the P.E. room) and suspends them for adding a swimming pool, hot tub, trampoline, game room, and flat-screen TV (the things J.C. said they had). When Maya tells her that this was Within Security's rehearsal room, she tells her that the only school band is Black Blemish. J.C. said that he only did this to impress her. She storms off, angry. In the last scene, she forgives him, and he promises not to lie to her anymore, and they kiss and Maya says she'll join the band when it's real.

Miss Walters doesn't suspend them for "pimping her P.E. room,"

Songs featured: "This Is How You Live," By J.C.

14 14 "Life Is... A Sticky Situation" Eric Dean Seaton John D. Beck & Ron Hart March 20, 2011 114 3.6[2

Trying to prank the Black Blemish, Casy gets SupahGlu'dYa stuck to his hands. When she and J.C. hi-five, they get stuck to each other. When J.C. tries to pull away, he ends up flipping her over. They must get their hands free before Maya finds out and thinks they're dating. Maya finds out anyway, but when J.C. explains, she kisses him and J.C. "takes that as 'I'm forgiven'"

Note: If Crossover with Shake it Up!, it's "Life is... Datin' It Up!"

15 15 "Life Is... Ah.. Dating" Sean McNamara Howard J. Morris April 10, 2011 116 3.7[21]

J.C. and Maya go on a date.

16 16 "Raiding Is..." Joel Zwick David Tolentino May 1, 2011 117

Black Blemish raids Within Security' s rehearsal room! They pick a fight with Within Security, and both bands get suspended.

17 17 "Life is... Renaming the Bye-Bye, Dad!" Eric Dean Seaton Jenny Lee June 12, 2011 118 N/A

Within Security renames themselves, and as a sub-plot, Tanya gets let go from her job, but gets a better one, offering her 50 million dollars a year. J.C.'s dad leaves for the Army.

18 18 "Life Is... Double Cheating" Eric Dean Seaton Jenny Lee June 17, 2011 115 4.1[23]

Right after Maya accepts a date with J.C., Chad forces her to go on a date with him at the exact same place and time. In the end, after she almost dies falling from a balcony, J.C. saves her but doesn't forgive her, and decide they need a break.

19 19 "Revenge Is..." Shelley Jensen Eileen Conn July 10, 2011 119 N/A

Maya decides to get revenge on J.C., but it affects the band.

20 20 "Halloween Is..." Shelley Jensen Jenny Lee October 14th, 2016 121 4.1[24]

It's Halloween!

Songs featured

21 21 "Life Is... Say What?" Shelley Jensen Rob Lotterstein October 21st, 2016 120 3.4[25]

After having a job for 4 months, J.C. finally gets enough money to adopt Brian! His parents think he's going to visit his cousin, so they pay for him to fly and back. He ends up dressing up as a mid-aged fat man to be able to adopt Brian. Mr. Hart looses his job.

Guest stars: Kevin Hart as "Mr. Hart," Ross Lynch as Brian.

This episode is a one-hour event.

[edit]Season 2 (20116/17)Edit

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production


U.S. viewers


22 1 "Life Is.. Dyslexia?" Joel Zwick Rob Lotterstein October 28th, 2016[26] 203 3.6[27]

J.C. has dyslexia.

23 2 "Life Is... A New Member" Joel Zwick Jenny Lee September 25, 2011 206[28] 2.9[29]

Brian joins AntiGraviti, but is a pain.

24 3 "Grief Is..." Joel Zwick Rob Lotterstein (Part 1)

Eileen Conn (Part 2)

October 2, 2011[30] 201–202 3.8[31]

J.C.'s dad dies in the army.

25 4 "Life Is... When Nerd is the Werd" Joel Zwick David Holden October 9, 2011 204 4.6[33]

J.C. has to study for an exam, and he hires the best nerds in school because if he doesn't, he'll have to repeat the ninth grade. He learns that school is the start of riches, and when he explains this everyone, he gets classified a nerd. He gets his reputation back by getting into a fight with Chad.

26 5 "Life Is... A World of Secrets" Joel Zwick Jeff Strauss October 23, 2011 205 3.6[34]

J.C.'s real name is Tyler Keith Brown. He was born in Toronto as well. Meanwhile, Tanya tries to commit suicide, but is stopped by Tyler. Ashlynn tries to bond with the other kids, but ends up getting them stuck in a ferris wheel. Tyler also goes out with Jena to make Maya jealous.

Guess Starring: CoCo Jones as Jena

27 6 "Life Is... Lonely" Joel Zwick David Holden November 6, 2011 210 4.0[35]

After Brian makes J.C. late for his most important exam, he pushes Brian out of his life. This goes on for three episodes. Avery gets a boyfriend, and so does Miranda. 

Songs featured: "Critical" by TKO & Nevermind

28 7 "Life Is... Lovely" Joel Zwick David Tolentino November 13, 2011 207 3.3[37]

James and Brian get girlfriends, and Jyler/Tena (Jena + Tyler) go on a double-date with Brian, which results in them fighting, trashing the place, and setting it on fire.. 

Guest Starring: CoCo Jones as Jena

29 8 "Life Is... Weird" Joel Zwick Rob Lotterstein November 20, 2011 211 3.7[38]

Tyler realizes school isn't everything, but tries to sneak into a party. He ends up getting addicted to Beast, an energy drink, which results into him getting almost arrested because he steals a priceless football ring.

Special Guest Star: Peyton Manning

30 9 "Life Is... A Well-Needed Vacation" Joel Zwick Eileen Conn November 27, 2011 213 3.9[39]

The gang heads out on a vaction in Hawaii, see "Life Is... A Shakin' It Up Vacation". Maya and Tyler are still in the fight.

31 10 "Life Is... Embarassing" Ellen Gittelsohn Eileen Conn December 11, 2011 212 N/A

A very nasty video of Tyler goes out on MyTunez, and his career is ruined. He hires Drake to clean it up for him. The girls and James are stuck with AntiGraviti in a mall overnight.

Guest stars: Drake

Songs featured: "Jingle Dub"

32 11 "Life Is... Hobo-Style" Joel Zwick David Holden January 8, 2012 215 3.5[40]

CeCe applies herself and Rocky to audition for the prestigious CFAA (Chicago Fine Arts Academy), but CeCe gets packet qualifying her for a scholarship and Rocky gets letter, which she thinks means that she was rejected. After Rocky tears the letter up in frustration, CeCe pieces it together and tells Rocky she also got into CFA. At Crusty's, Rocky parents are proud that she was accepted, but they can't afford Rocky to send her to the school, leaving Rocky devastated. CeCe helps Rocky qualify for a scholarship by lying to the dean of CFA, claiming that Rocky's father is a single parent, but their lie is exposed when Rocky's mother shows up. Rocky and CeCe are grounded and their acceptance to CFA is retracted. Meanwhile, Flynn and Henry believe that an asteroid is headed towards Earth.

Guest stars: Jonathan Slavin as Mark Tauzzig, Phil Morris as Dr. Curtis Blue, Carla Renata as Marcie Blue and Buddy Handleson as Henry Dillon Absent: Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue, Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez, Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine as Gunther and Tinka Hessenheffer

Songs featured: "Something To Dance For" by Zendaya

33 12 "Split It Up" Joel Zwick Jenn Lloyd & Kevin Bonani January 22, 2012[41] 208 2.8[42]

CeCe and Gunther are selected to be guest dancers on "Good Morning, Chicago", which makes CeCe feel uncomfortable that she wouldn't be dancing with Rocky. Rocky explains that there will be times when one of them will get something the other one doesn't and encourages her to perform. When CeCe and Gunther practice their dance routine, Rocky watches while Tinka teases Rocky about being jealous. After seeing how well their dance routine was, Gary informs CeCe and Gunther that they earned the Spotlight Dance of the week. Overhearing this, Tinka helps Rocky vent her jealousy and invites Rocky to join in her plan to get CeCe sick so she is not able to dance. However, Rocky turns it down. Later, Rocky admits she was jealous and helps CeCe with her hair for the performance. When the highlights in her hair turn green, CeCe accuses Rocky of purposefully doing it for revenge, when it was really Tinka who switched the highlight color. At "Good Morning, Chicago", Rocky delivers some balloons to CeCe and the two share a hug. Rocky helps CeCe with some last minute touches before she performs, and they are both locked in the dressing room by the Hessenheffers. Meanwhile, Deuce and Flynn help Ty improve his rap skills. They both try to give him a "bad boy" image, but he's a little too good at being bad. Back at "Good Morning, Chicago", right as the Hessenheffers are about to perform, the host interrupts their dance with breaking news, which takes up the rest of the time, so Gunther and Tinka never get to dance.

Guest stars: R. Brandon Johnson as Gary Wilde, Kurt Long as Host, Gina St. John as Reporter, Mary Jo Catlett as Elderly Woman, and Beat Freaks as Featured Dancers

Songs featured: "Edge Of The Mirror" by Emme Rose and "Bring the Fire" by Ylwa

34 13 "Copy Kat It Up" Joel Zwick Rob Lotterstein February 19, 2012 219 3.5[43]

When an uber fan named Kat meets Rocky and CeCe, she starts to copy Cece’s appearance and secretly plots to take her place on "Shake It Up, Chicago!" Cece and Rocky must find a way to show Kat’s true colors. Before they perform, Kat texts Cece (pretending to be Rocky) telling her to go pick up her costume across town. When CeCe comes back, Kat and Rocky are performing and Kat wrecks the performance. To get payback, Cece poses as a "Shake It Up, New York!" producer and over email, tells Kat that she is going to "Shake It Up, New York!" Meanwhile, Flynn acts as Ty's agent when dealing with a big time record producer. Ty figures out the producer wants him to rap for the younger generation, meaning songs about how to tie shoes. Ty quits and Flynn replaces him. When Flynn becomes internet sensation, Ty regrets quitting.

Absent: Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez, Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine as Gunther and Tinka Hessenheffer Guest stars: Kerris Dorsey as Kat, the ICONic Boyz from America's Best Dance Crew, and Jay Thomas as Dave Gold

Songs featured:"Bring the Fire" by Ylwa, "Critical" by TKO & Nevermind, "Edge of the Mirror" by Emme Rose, and "Moves Like Magic" by Adam Trent, "Overtime" by Robyn Newman (Instrumental)

35 14 "Egg It Up" Joel Zwick Jenny Lee February 26, 2012[44] 209 2.6[45]

When the girls' science teacher, Mr. Polk, pairs them up for a science project, Rocky is afraid partnering with CeCe will lower her grade. CeCe later finds out Rocky's working with someone else and is furious. Rocky tries to make it up to her by offering to do the whole project by herself and put CeCe's name on it, but CeCe would rather they do her project herself and is upset that Rocky underestimates her when it comes to school. The next day, Rocky still doesn't believe CeCe's project will work, but when both of their projects are tested, Rocky's doesn't work and CeCe's is successful. Rocky apologizes to CeCe and shows her that some discoveries happen by accident. Meanwhile, Flynn is mad at Ty for ignoring him at Crusty's, so he fires Ty as his babysitter and replaces him with Gunther. Gunther and Ty then compete to see who is the better babysitter. When they find out Flynn tricked them into doing his essay for him, they retaliate by writing his essay with false information.[46]

Absent: Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez and Caroline Sunshine as Tinka Hessenheffer Guest stars: Joel Brooks as Mr. Polk

Songs featured: "The Night Is Young" by Wild Thingz

36 15 "Judge It Up" Ellen Gittelsohn Eileen Conn March 11, 2012 214 3.3 [47]

When Gunther and Tinka refuse to pay Rocky and CeCe their money for performing at Klaus's party, the girls take their case to "Teen Court". Gunther and Tinka claim Rocky and CeCe didn't perform well and they ruined Klaus's party. Gunther and Tinka also claim that they ate all the cake and yelled at Klaus. However, Rocky and CeCe think Gunther and Tinka ruined the party because they were so harsh to Klaus. Rocky and CeCe also claim that Tinka smashed the cake in Klaus's face. As soon as Judge Marsha is about to close the case, Deuce comes running in with a surveillance video from Crusty's. The video shows that all of them ruined Klaus's party, after smacking his birthday cake out of his hand by an accident. Later, Gunther and Tinka pay back the money to Rocky and CeCe as they promised, but with a slight catch: this time, they pay them back with pennies. Meanwhile, after finding out Flynn doesn't know how to ride a bike, Henry wants to teach him. Flynn is reluctant at first, but then, he sees how useful it is, and he wants to ride a bike. Flynn finds out that Henry tricked him into thinking that he rode the bike all along, but Henry actually rigged the bike so Flynn wouldn't fall off.[48]

Absent: Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue Guest star: Loretta Devine as Judge Marsha, Buddy Handleson as Henry Dillon, Nicholas Braico as Klaus Hessenheffer, and William Ragsdale as Announcer

Song featured: "TTYLXOX" by Bella Thorne and "We Right Here" by Drew Ryan Scott

37 16 "Parent Trap It Up" Joel Zwick Jeff Strauss March 25, 2012 218 3.0[49]

When Rocky is convinced that CeCe's dad is trying to "woo" CeCe's mom, she tries to plan their relationship relating to her book. CeCe doesn't believe it at first, but when she picks up her dad's coat, she finds a ring, leading both the girls to thinking he is going to propose to CeCe's mom. With the help of school librarian Miss Burke, they come up with a plan to go to the "Shake It Up, Chicago!" set and remake CeCe's parents's first date with a "Bollywood" theme. After the dance, the girls find out that CeCe's dad isn't proposing to her mom, but instead to her dad's girlfriend, who lives back in Florida. Later Rocky feels a little guilty for not knowing about Cece's Dad's girlfriend and apologizes to CeCe. Meanwhile, Ty and Deuce try to go on a double date at Crusty's, only to find out that Dina and Gina had a long lasting rivalry since they were both little. Later, Ty and Deuce confront them by saying that they are always competing against each other and they are annoyed by the fact they pulled them into the "competition". Soon, Dina and Gina realize their mistakes and become friends.

Absent: Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine as Gunther and Tinka Hessenheffer Special guest star: Tyra Banks as Ms. Burke Guest stars: Teala Dunn as Gina, Ainsley Bailey as Dina Garcia, Anita Barone as Georgia Jones, and Matthew Glave as J.J. Jones

Songs featured: "Aaja Na" by Melinda S.

38 17 "Weird It Up" Alfonso Ribeiro David Tolentino April 1, 2012 217[50] 2.5[51]

When Cece hires an agent, he decides to help the girls boost up their fame. Rocky is reluctant at first and orders CeCe to leave. Meanwhile, Ty likes Gloria, a foreign exchange student who only speaks Spanish. Due to the language diversities, Ty asks Deuce to accompany him on the date as a translator.

Absent: Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine as Gunther and Tinka Hessenheffer

Guest stars: Denyse Tontz as Gloria, David Shatraw as Host, and Jerry Sroka as Agent

39 18 "Whodunit Up?" Joel Zwick Darin Henry April 15, 2012 221[50] 3.7[52]

When a phantom threatens to shut down "Shake It Up Chicago," CeCe, Rocky, Gunther, and Tinka try to unmask the culprit. Meanwhile, Deuce helps Ty identify his secret admirer. Ty reluctantly agrees to meet her, but finds she isn't moving as earlier predicted.

Guest star: Steve Monroe as Ralph and Bridget Shergalis as Abigail Absent: Davis Cleveland as Flynn Jones

Songs featured: "Whodunit" by Adam Hicks & Coco Jones

40 19 "Tunnel It Up" Joel Zwick Jenny Lee May 13, 2012 216[50] 3.3[53]

Rocky, Cece & Tinka try to be in two places at once as their spring formal arrives and Shake It Up, Chicago gets moved to a saturday night prime-time time slot which means they will have to choose which one to go to....or will they. Meanwhile Dina is stressed out after she is put in charge of the school dance and the camera guy she hired for taking the pictures cancells, so Deuce hooks her up with his friend.

Absent: Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue and Kenton Duty as Gunther Hessenheffer Guest star " Ainsley Bailey as Dina Garcia.

Songs featured: "A Space In The Stars" by Drew Seeley

41 20 "Protest It Up" Joel Zwick Cat Davis May 20, 2012 220[50] 3.1[54]

Rocky & CeCe try to overturn a school ruling that requires students to wear uniforms. Meanwhile, Gunther & Tinka take up new hobbies since they no longer have to be concerned about school clothes.

Songs featured: "Show Ya How" by Adam Irigoyen & Kenton Duty

Absent: Davis Cleveland as Flynn Jones

42 21 "Wrestle It Up" Joel Zwick Jenn Lloyd & Kevin Bonani June 3, 2012 222[50] 3.2[55]

When some girls come down to Crusty's Pizza and gets attracted to Deuce, Ty tells him about the girl phenomenon. Deuce gets into a trance, which leads him to break up with Dina so he can flirt with other girls. Everyone then starts to ignore Deuce because he wasn't taken anymore, so he tries to apologize to Dina, whom already has a new boyfriend, Kevin.Meanwhile, CeCe’s mom gets a side job working as a security guard on a movie set and Rocky, CeCe, and Flynn devise a plan to sneak onto the set to see Taylor Lautner.

Songs featured: Critical by TKO & Nevermind Featured dancers: I.aM.mE Guest stars: Ainsley Bailey as Dina Garcia, Markus Silbiger as Kevin, James Kevin Ward as Robert Lautner, Kira Kosarin as Raina Kumar

Absent: Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine as Gunther and Tinka Hessenheffer

43 22 "Reality Check It Up" Joel Zwick Jenny Lee June 10, 2012 226[50] 2.8[56]

Cece and Rocky are hosting a special viewing party, when a TV show is doing a special on "Shake It Up, Chicago".

Songs featured: "Total Access" of Nevermind, TKO and SOS, "Don't Push Me" of Coco Jones, "Moves Like Magic" of Adam Trent

Absent: Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez

44 23 "Rock and Roll It Up" Roger Christiansen Jenn Lloyd & Kevin Bonani July 1, 2012 214 3.7[57]

Gary's grandma comes to SIU Chicago and explains that she was on one of the first teen dance shows.

Songs featured: Our Generation, Sixteen Girls, American Jukebox Theme.

Guest stars: Anita Gillette as Edie Wilde

45 24 "Boot It Up" Joel Zwick Jeff Strauss July 15, 2012 227 3.9[58]

Rocky and CeCe are so excited to go to Major Dance Boot Camp for their summer vacation, but after they get there, they realize it's not exactly what they signed up for. Meanwhile, Flynn is bummed he can't go to summer camp because of a hurt arm, so Deuce and Dina find a way to bring camp to him.

Songs featured: Where's the Party, School's Out

Guest stars: Suzi Barrett as Major Dance, Katelin Petersen as Kansas, Chloe Peterson as Jo, Ainsley Bailey as Dina Garcia

Absent: Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue, Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine as Gunther and Tinka Hessenheffer

46 25 "Slumber It Up" Roger Christiansen Jenny Lee July 29, 2012 223 3.1[59]

Cece hosts a sleepover with Rocky, Tinka, and Dina. Cece gives Dina a makeover. Meanwhile, Ty, Deuce, Gunther, and Flynn search for buried treasure, but end up overhearing the girl's sleep over.

Song featured: Where's the Party

47 26 "The Moment of Truth Is..." Alfonso Ribeiro David Holden & Jeff Strauss August 5, 2012 224 2.9[60]

Tanya's 6-month trial with J.C. is up. J.C. chooses to go with his real parents, as well as his step-siblings.

48 27 "Life Is... Loosin' It... and Her" Joel Zwick Eileen Conn August 12, 2012 228 3.8[61]

J.C. has dramatic weight loss. He insist he's not doing anything. (football season's over) Ashlynn is overprotective, and she adopts Maya. Tyler hates her so much he caries her ut of the class and steals her phone. He tries to get rid of Maya, but it won't work.

49 28 "Life Is... The Worst First Tour Ever" Joel Zwick Rob Lotterstein October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2100[62] 4.5[63]

J.C. kicks off his nationwide tour in L.A.! With AntiGraviti and Jennifer, they set off for the city of ______. After he collapses during a performance, J.C. gets diagnosed with cancer. Tanya and Ashlynn, watching on T.V., sees this and flies to ______ pronto. In the previous episodes, you might have noticed his dramatic weight loss. His new friends, ______ came to the hospital with him.

Special Guest stars: Pitbull (If Dog with a Blog: Blake Michael, Cast of "Dog With A Blog" ;aka DWAB)

Songs featured: "Livin' My Life," by AntiGravity/ J.C., Cymphonique, Ross Lynch, and Bella Thorne, and "No Matter What," By J.C. feat. Ross Lynch, "This Is How You Live - Remix" By J.C. Feat. Pitbull

Note: This episode was made as a 60-minute episode. This was a crossover event with the Disney Channel Original Series, (Dog With a Blog? if so, "Dog With The Worst Tour Ever")

[edit]Season 3 (2012/13) : The Tour SeasonEdit

On June 4, 2012, it was announced that Shake It Up had been renewed for a third season.[2] It was also announced that Kenton Duty will not be a regular cast member for season 3, but will make special guest appearances like Caroline Sunshine in season 1.[64]

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production


U.S. viewers


50 1 "Fire It Up" Joel Zwick Rob Lotterstein October 14, 2012 3.9[65]

CeCe and Rocky are horrified when they discover that a fire burned down the Shake It Up Chicago! set. For the meantime, the show is on hiatus. Since CeCe was the last one on the set and left her curling iron plugged in, she believes she is the culprit. Meanwhile, Gary is depressed because he is jobless, so Ty convinces Deuce to hire him at Crusty's Pizza. In the end, it is revealed that the real source of the fire is a faulty tanning bed.

Guest Stars: Anita Barone as Georgia, R. Brandon Johnson as Gary Wilde, Elektrolytes as themselves

Songs Featured: Calling All the Monsters, Law of Averages

51 2 "Funk It Up" Joel Zwick Eileen Conn October 28, 2012 3.2[66]

Cece is in a funk without Shake It Up! Chicago. She gets inspired by a speech performed at a bar mitzvah where Rocky booked them a gig. Meanwhile, Howie, a boy Rocky met at the bar mitzvah, develops a huge crush on her and will not leave her alone. Plus, Ty gets incredibly mad at Deuce because he drew a mustache on his face with permanent marker. Also, Flynn asks Jeremy to speak at Career Day instead of Georgia, which makes her upset.

Guest Star: Anita Barone as Georgia

Song Featured: Head In the Game

Absent:Caroline Sunshine as Tinka

52 3 "Spirit It Up" Joel Zwick Darin Henry November 4, 2012 3.2[67]

Now with Rocky in a funk without Shake It Up, Chicago!, CeCe tries helping her out. When they are out of choices, they witness how horrible and emotionless the spirit squad is, so they decide to join. Later on, the squad promotes Cece as president and they want her to kick Rocky out when they realize how bossy and demanding she is. Meanwhile, Deuce feels bad for Tinka since Gunther left. He persuades Dina into letting her hang out with them. However, Deuce gets annoyed when Dina and Tinka spend every minute together and he feels like the third wheel. Elsewhere, Flynn is offended when is known for having a bad friend reputation.

Guest Star: Ainsley Bailey as Dina

Song Featured: I Can Do Better

Absent:Roshon Fegan as Ty

53 4 "Life Is... Runnin' From The Law" Joel Zwick Jenny Lee November 11, 2012

After they try to quit after a strict contract, Mr. Smith wont let them. They secretly drive away in an RV. After police chase them, J.C. reveals hes a wizard (Brian, too) by magicaly a gas tank. Then J.C. looses his wand. They go crazy fast, and fall off a cliff., flip over, but Brian and J.C.' s magic saves them. When the police catch uo with them, they change identities. They crash a night at a motel. Professor William finds them and lets them know Mr. Smith is a Dark Wizard. They go back to L.A. and take his wandwand but they get caught by Mr. Smith and Mr. Smith tries to infect Brian and J.C., but it doesn't work until the second to last episode in season five.

Guest Stars: Ainsley Bailey as Dina, Phil Morris as Dr. Curtis Blue, Chase Austin as Louis, D-trix as dancer

Song Featured: Contagious Love

Absent:Caroline Sunshine as Tinka

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